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Mathildedalin puotimme on avoinna To-Su klo 11-17.

Ruukin kehräämö

Ruukin kehräämö

The idyllic ironworks village of Mathildedal is the home of happy alpacas!

Ruukin Kehräämö & Boutique is a unique producer of products made of alpaca wool. The basis of the company is our 30-year-old friendship and deep love of animals - especially alpacas and dogs. Established in 2012, our company produces high-quality products and shares our expertise with others in the same field. Our passion is the constant improvement of quality and ethical production, and our aim is to share happiness for the people who wear our soft knitwear!

Our stocks will be refilled again in the autumn, until then please inquire about product availability directly from our store: posti@ruukinkehraamo.fi or +358 44 372 1813