Spinning services

Our Spinning Machinery has changed ownership on September 2023. Our pioneering work in spinning alpaca fiber continues in Inkoo, Finland, in the hands of two young and enthusiastic women. When looking for a Finnish spinning service, we recommend contacting Linkulla Spinneri.

Ruukin Kehräämö artisan yarns will continue to be spun in a domestic small spinning mill.

We buy alpaca and angora rabbit fiber

  1. We buy skirted alpaca fiber with a quality of < 20 µ. The price is determined by the world market price level and the quality and purity of the fleece.
  2. We also buy domestic angora rabbits fiber. The price is determined by the world market price level and the quality and purity of the wool.

Instructions for collecting and cleaning wool:

1. Shearing

We recommend having shearing done by a professional, which minimizes the so-called double cutting and shearing takes place quickly, efficiently and stress-free.

The best way to store the fleece is as a "sheet", wrapped in a thin foldable fabric. In this way we can still make sure that the primary fibers  have not mixed with the fine secondary fibers before the spinning process begins.

    2. Cleaning

    General cleaning is best done by shaking. You can use, for example, a mink net (2 x 2 cm) as a strainer.

    • Start shaking first with the outer surface up, so that any double shear falls out.
    • Pick out the coarser fibers in the peripheral areas, the so-called primary hairs. These stand out as thicker and straight fiber bundles. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.
    • Pick up trash, ESPECIALLY GRAIN AND HAY COBS. After this, you can still shake the wool with the cut side up.

    After shaking, the wool can still be cleaned by separating the fibers as well as possible - this way loose dust and sand fall under the grate

    Shipments over 30 kg are billed as an advance payment of 20%. Shipping with delivery costs must be paid before the finished goods are sent.

    We store the finished goods free of charge for 4 days, after which the storage price is €10/kg/day. We store for a maximum of 3 months, after which the products are sold on behalf of the manufacturer.

    VAT is added to all prices.