Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics

100% Alpaca Natural cosmetics

Ruukkin Kehräämö's skin and hair care products are a series of EU-certified natural cosmetics that contain keratin extracted from alpaca wool. Keratin is a water-insoluble fibrous protein found in high concentrations in alpaca wool.

Keratin ensures the elasticity of the skin, hair and nails and their mechanical resistance. Also try it on dry skin and scalp, as dryness can be caused by disruption of the skin's natural keratin production.

Our natural cosmetics products are made by hand on an Austrian alpaca farm , from 100% natural ingredients.

Our natural cosmetics products:

  • laboratory tested
  • no silicones
  • no microplastics
  • no oil-based ingredients (PEG and its derivatives)
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial fragrances
  • no animal testing
  • biodegradable

The products are effective and sufficient!

4 products
  • 4 products