Knitted dresses

Knitted dresses

Our knitted dresses combine timeless style, comfort and quality in a unique way.

The finest quality 100% Alpaca Royal Alpaca wool on the market offers unparalleled softness and durability, making our alpaca knit dresses a popular choice.

Our alpaca knit dresses are designed to suit sophisticated tastes. Their elegant design emphasizes a feminine silhouette and offers comfort and style for all situations.

Alpaca wool is a naturally thermodynamic and breathable material that keeps you warm even on cold days, but feels just as comfortable in warm weather.

We value the environment and animal welfare. That's why we choose responsible producers and partners as our partners, and we use as little water and chemicals as possible in our processes.

Make a more sustainable choice and choose a high-quality Alpaca Royal knit dress and fall in love!

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  • 2 products