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In the blog you can get to know our activities; for ecological and responsible clothing production from one of the finest fibers in the world. We also write short information attacks about our activities and responsibility. You always learn something new from information attacks.

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Alpaca socks
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Alpaca wool socks, our customers' favorite for a decade.

Breathable and warm socks made of alpaca wool for outdoors and at home.

The toes don't get cold in these socks, even when wet, the sock keeps the foot warm. Try it and see for yourself. The material is 80% Superfine Alpaca fiber, to which artificial fiber (20%) has been added to increase durability.

Ruukin Kehräämö's alpaca socks do not tighten, and do not cause mechanical irritation at all. That is why they are also suitable for diabetics, rheumatism and swollen feet. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic.

These socks are suitable for many uses; for long hikes, sports, everyday use and relaxation, in all seasons!

In alpaca socks, your toes stay warm and dry all day.

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Knee socks
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Knee-length alpaca socks are the pinnacle of comfort.

A non-tightening knee sock for riding, air travel, sleeping socks and everything in between.

Our knee high sock is smooth knit, 80% Superfine Alpaca fiber, with synthetic fibers (20%) added to increase its durability.

Thanks to its hight, this sock is ideal for riders, but equally serves everyone who needs warmth down to the knee. For men, knee socks also work well with a suit.

Suitable for all uses, from sleeping to active movement, all year round. These socks keep your toes warm and dry. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic.

This sock is also excellent for long flights, as it does not tighten or squeeze.

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Sweater instructions - Usva
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Knit your new favorite sweater, light and soft Usva.

Do you want to knit a wonderful and unique sweater with clear instructions?

The Usva sweater was designed by Piia Maria Pekkanen in collaboration with Leena Rajala of Ruukki Kehräämö.

Piia Maria is wearing an S size sweater in the pictures (size 36/38). If you want a slightly looser knit, choose a larger size. This sweater is also lovely in an over-sized model.

The Usva sweater in the pictures is made from artisan yarn spun in our spinning mill and designed specifically for knitting.

After ordering the guide, you will receive a download link in your email, from which you can download the guide to your computer.


Ruukkin Kehräämön's Suri alpaca yarn or
Ruukkin Kehräämö's Alpaca wool silk yarn or
Alpaca yarn from Ruukki Kehräämö

Thread flow:
Suri alpaca: 200-200-250-300-300-350 g
Alpaca wild silk or Alpaca yarn:
250-300-300-350-400-400 g (strength 320 - 370 m /100 g)
300-350-400-400-450-450 g (strength 270 - 310 m /100 g)

4.5 - 5 mm or according to handwriting
circular needle 60 - 80 cm and double pointed needles of the same size.

You can find more information in the instructions for the Usva knit Atelier from Piia-Maria's blog .

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100% Alpaca loop yarn
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100% Baby Alpaca loop yarn for the quality-conscious knitter.

If you want texture in your sweater, choose a loop alpaca yarn.

The loops in 100% alpaca yarn create wonderful knitting surfaces alone or together with another yarn. Running alpaca yarn is available in natural alpaca colors. The yarns are undyed and have not been treated with chemicals, so they retain the superior properties typical of alpaca fiber.

The yarn is made in Peru and the shades of the yarn vary less than our artisan yarns. However, please reserve enough yarn for the knitwear you are planning. If necessary, we help in assessing the need for yarn.

You can make e.g. a warm snooze blanket or a soft November beanie.

Skein: 340m ~100g

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