Wild silk is collected from the Kalahari desert

Wild silk is collected from the Kalahari desert

The Wild Silk we use comes from the Kalahari desert - this species of butterfly lives nowhere else in the world.

When a wild silk butterfly hatches from its cocoon, the cocoon falls to the ground. The locals collect the cocoons and here at our spinning mill, threads are spun from wild silk.

The butterfly continues the life of a butterfly and its family. Cases that are harmful to domestic and wild animals can be collected off the ground and reused. Due to the scarcity of food, the animals eat these cocoons, causing the silk to swell and there is a risk of intestinal blockage.

At Ruukki's Kehräämö, wild silk is dyed with natural dyes without chemicals, and yarn mixed with alpaca/angora rabbit wool is spun from it.

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