Our activities support the families of the indigenous population of Peru

Information about the indigenous population of Peru as alpaca breeders

Did you know?

In the mountains of Peru, alpaca breeding is the main livelihood. A family of four has an average of 150 alpacas. They provide food and income for the family. Up to 85% of the native population's income comes from selling alpacas' wool.

By buying wool from our carefully selected farms, we ensure that the farmer receives reasonable compensation for his work. At the same time, we also support local work with alpacas processing- and research work. Owners get a better price for higher quality wool. Alpacas play an important role in breaking the cycle of poverty.

By participating in supporting the activities of the indigenous people of Peru, we want to show our gratitude for the existence of this wonderful material. 🦙 🙏

Source: Quechua Benefit