Traditional sweater or Alpaca wool sweater?

Traditional sweater or Alpaca wool sweater?

We all have a sweater or two in our wardrobe. It can be that traditional Norwegian sweater or a thinner sweater meant for a party. But have you ever stopped to think what makes one sweater more comfortable and durable than another?

In a Finnish wardrobe, a sweater is a traditional and necessary piece of clothing that protects against cold and wind. However, not all sweaters are the same in terms of features or equal in use. We wanted to compare a traditional sweater with an alpaca wool sweater, highlighting the superior properties of alpaca wool in terms of both comfort and quality.

Before the actual comparison, here is our customer Mat's opinion about our alpaca knitted jacket:

"Best ever!
I have now used the cardigan in different weathers and also indoors. It doesn't matter what the ambient temperature is. The jacket maintains the optimal temperature of the body and the feeling is pleasant all the time. Normally, sweaters on the skin itch, but now the problem does not occur. Well, a woolen jacket still looks really good even on such a railroad-looking guy. Does not matter :)"

- Matti N.

Background information:

The warmth, breathability and natural water repellency of sheep's wool have been valued in Finland for centuries. As a material, it is durable and versatile, thanks to which it has maintained its popularity year after year.

Alpaca wool, originating from South America, has been a valued natural fiber for thousands of years. The Alpaca Royal-level Alpaca wool we use is significantly softer, lighter and warmer than sheep's wool. It is also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

"Our son's (16 y.o.) skin can't stand regular wool. I bought your alpaca socks as a test. Our son has been wearing socks almost all the time since then. When the socks are drying after washing, he goes to try them to see if he can put them on. That's why we need more pairs. "

- Marja-Leena

Sweater vs. Alpaca wool sweater

When it comes to knitting, the choice of material is key. In this comparison, we focus on two key factors: quality and comfort.


  • Durability : Sheep wool is known to be durable, but Alpaca wool takes durability to a new level. Made of high-quality Alpaca Royal fiber, the sweater keeps its shape and appearance for years.
  • Cleaning and care : Although both materials require careful care, Alpaca wool is surprisingly easy to care for. It repels dirt and odors naturally, which means fewer washes and a longer lifespan.


  • Skin feel : The fine-fibered Royal Alpaca wool clearly beats sheep's wool in this category. Alpaca Royal is very soft and smooth, making it an ideal choice for wearing directly against the skin.
  • Temperature regulation : Alpaca wool is an excellent thermal insulator, keeping you warm in cold weather and feeling cool in warm weather. This phenomenon is called thermoregulatory property. Alpaca breathes better than any other natural or modern technical fiber.

Environmental impact

Although this is not a direct comfort or quality factor, it is important to note that the production of alpaca wool is generally environmentally friendly compared to other wool producers. Alpacas, which produce top-quality fiber, invariably graze in a species-typical way, they use little water, and their foot pads do not break the soil like hooves.

Also, very little water is used in further processing. Our Alpaca Royal sweaters are undyed and are not treated with other chemicals. From the official alpacas color chart below, you can see that there are dozens of natural alpaca shades.

Alpaca colors

A woolen sweater is suitable for many different uses

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or simply appreciate everyday comfort and style, an alpaca sweater offers a unique combination of durability, warmth and luxury to suit any occasion. Alpaca Royal knitwear's softness and temperature-regulating properties make it an ideal choice for the coldest months of the year, while its breathability offers exceptional comfort even in warmer weather.

Men's wool knit shirt

For Men : Alpaca sweaters are a great way to add a touch of luxury to everyday wear. Whether you're looking for a casual but stylish option for the weekend or sophistication for the office, an alpaca wool sweater offers both comfort and versatility. Your Alpaca Royal sweater investment will last for years, offering warmth and style for every occasion.

Women's wool knit shirt

For women: Whether it's a refreshing walk around town or a casual night out with friends, an alpaca sweater is the perfect combination of comfort and elegance. Its natural shine and softness bring a touch of luxury to your daily wear, while its versatility enables countless combinations in different outfits. Try an alpaca wool sweater with a simple dress or your favorite jeans and experience its unique comfort and style.

We encourage everyone to try our Alpaca Royal knits and experience their unparalleled comfort and versatility for yourself. Whether you choose classic black or earthy beige, the Alpaca Royal sweater is an investment that will enrich your wardrobe and bring joy to every day. Explore our selection and find your favorite - welcome to the warm and stylish world of Alpaca Royal sweaters!

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