Suggest your gift wishes

Let us tell your loved one what you wish for.

Do you hint about gift wishes in passing and hope that he will understand the hint?

Through us, you can discreetly send a gift wish to your loved one. This way you get the right product in the right size and at the same time buying a gift is easy for the giver as well.

Send us an email with the product information of the gift you want and the email address of the person to whom we will suggest your gift request and we will take care of the rest.

Include the following information in the email:

  • Product: Product name
  • Size: 1-5 or XS-XL
  • Color: Product color
  • Name: The name of the person to whom we recommend the gift
  • E-mail address: The e-mail address of the person to whom we send the tip
  • Name of the recipient of the tip: Your name and possibly the subject of the celebration (e.g. birthday)
  • Greetings: If you wish, you can send personal greetings with a gift tip.

Send an email to: