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Price list,  terms and conditions


The minimum processed amount of fiber is 2 kg

Date for sending the fiber to the mill has to be agreed beforehand.


Price list

Prices are by incoming  weight, VAT 0%


Needle yarn 80 eur / kg (3 ply <300m / 100g)

Needle yarn 120eur / kg (3 ply ≥300m / 100g)

Lace yarn 120 eur / kg (2 ply > 450m / 100g)

Felting batts 50 eur / kg

Chunky (thick yarn) 50 eur / kg.


Fibre cleaning 100 eur / hour

(we reserve the right to return the fiber, if it is not suitable for spinning, for example because of foreign objects or substances)


Down payment of 20%> 30kg


Yarn is delivered on cones or 100 g skeins. For 50 g skeins add 10 eur / kg


Terms of delivery


Payment is due before sending the finished goods.

Storage charge per day is 10 eur / kg (after four days of storage)

The maximum storage time is 3 months, after which the products are sold on behalf of the manufacturer.

Order Confirmation

How to clean the fiber before sending