Mathildedal's shop is open Friday to Sunday at 11 - 17. The online shop serves 24/7. Welcome!

Our partners

It would be impossible to continually improve our proceedings and operation without good and reliable partners. We are proud of our partners and mentors around the world. Our wool production in Finland covers about 80 % of the wool we use and the rest comes from our partners.

We are grateful to our mentor, YATI, a top designer originally from Hong Kong, and a top knitter, and textile artist Tuula Bergqvist, who have helped us to build and develop our operations and collection.

Breeding partners

Mathildedal’s alpacas goes under the name of Alpacas Incredible, our breeding partner is also Alpacas of Finland. We work closely with JS Alpacas and Dutch alpacafarm Tienda Molino. They are focusing on the production of rare black alpaca wool. Partners in Peru include International Alpaca Association (AIA) and the Research and Processing Center Pacomarca

Top shearer in the team

Shearing is a critical phase in the production of high quality alpaca wool. The wool must be sheared in a professional manner, efficiently but gently, without causing any stress to the alpaca. The Australian top professional with 30 years of expertise, Chris Williams, arrives at Mathildedal during springtime. Our customers are welcome to see the man in action!

Manufacture of products

We spin the handicraft yarns ourselves, but there are several partners working with us in the production of further products, e.g. Ruukki's Weaving Mill in Mathildedal, Al-Monityö In Hämeenlinna and Top Knit Oy in Siikainen. Our popular socks are manufactured Sukkamestarit Oy in Ylöjärvi. Part of our industrial knitwear collection is manufactured in a Lithuanian family business, as Finland does not yet have an industrial knitting company that meets our quality requirements and is suitable for our yarn.

We also strive to always find some Peruvian product for our shop to support the indigenous alpaca breeders of Peru.