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From the Peruvian mountains to the middle of the most beautiful Finland!

The alpacas native to the base are rare and their the villa is valuable and prized material. Originally living in the mountains, the alpaca needs little water and food, is a toothed animal and grazes on natural meadows, and does not consume soil. Did you know that alpaca has paws!

The alpaca wool we use is very ecological, as it is never power-produced. aa is not stained and is not needed. More than 20 basic colors with numerous shades from white to blue to black make it possible to find the right shade for the user.

In our own production, we strive for the most natural process and end result possible, without superwash treatment (merino). Our alpha products are organic, non-dyed and the principle of sustainable development produced and not treated with chemicals.

The products in our collection are sewn from pieces knitted into the shape, and no wastes are created when the fabric does not need to be cut. If necessary, the already knitted garment can be unwound back into yarn and reused. We also have a product repair and maintenance service.

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