Our story

Even though we mostly talk about alpacas, also dogs are an enormous part of our activity. Originally, it was the dogs that brought us together in 1987, and later they contributed to founding Ruukin Kehräämö in 2012. Our long-lasting dog friends visit the boutique regularly. Also our own pack of dogs spend time in the mill and boutique and delight our customers. 

The first alpacas

Sini’s first alpacas came from Chile in 2004. In the beginning, we sent the wool to England for spinning, because at that time the existing spinning mills in Finland couldn’t handle the fine alpaca fibre well enough. This is how we got the idea - with our own mini mill we were able to make our long-lasting dream come true and work together with Leena! Even today, Ruukin Kehräämö is the only spinning mill in Finland that spins pure alpaca wool. 

Moving to Mathildedal

The magnificent ironworks area, the developing village, and the home of Leena’s family were the reasons for founding the mini mill in Mathildedal.  We found the premises in Mathildedal Ironworks, and the construction work began in 2012. The start was delayed for two years, due to the spinning machines being late, but nowadays the Mathildedal alpacas, their wool, and the yarn we produce are well-known all over Finland.