100% Suri alpaca

The Suri alpaca is its own genetic breed. Less than 10% of the world's alpacas are Suri alpacas. Suri alpaca yarn is made in Peru, because most of the world's Suri alpacas belong to the herds of the indigenous people living in the mountains of Peru.

Suri alpaca fiber has a unique structure and is mainly used in the production of the world's most valuable fabrics. It enables the production of thin, uniform quality yarn. The finer the alpaca fiber is, the more comfortable it feels against the skin.

Alpaca fiber is a fat-free, hollow fiber with particularly good heat regulation ability. That's why alpaca knits and woven alpaca fabrics are warm, breathable and light. Alpaca fiber repels water and dirt, and odors do not stick to it.

You get genuine natural products from us. All the colors we use are natural shades of alpaca wool. Even the black thread is completely undyed. Undyed, hypoallergenic and antibacterial fiber is also suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Because the dyeing process is omitted, only little water is used in production and, apart from detergent, no chemicals at all.

We import Suri alpaca yarns from Peru. The spinning mill Michell Group, our partner, guarantees ethical alpaca breeding. All breeders who supply Michell Group with alpaca fiber have been awarded the RAS label (Responsible Alpaca Standard).