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Our collection

We design our knitwear ourselves. We aim at elegant and timeless garments that suit you perfectly. The garments are a wear-forever investment and they keep their appearance and other qualities well.

It is important to us that our products have a long life cycle, and at the end of that cycle they are recyclable. Our users have been particularly pleased with our knitwear for being versatile and comfortable. The same sweater can be used outdoors and on more formal occasions all year round - even on the same day! 

The colours in our collection are natural alpaca colours, and the stitching has been made meticulously. The garments are sewn together using pieces that are knitted into shape, so there is no risk of fray.

Our repair service repairs broken and worn products, we also accept worn out  alpaca knits to be refined as recyclable material.

We mainly use 100% Baby Royal Alpaca -fibre which is on high demand worldwide. We also want to make sure that the fibre we use is sustainable and responsibly produced. Therefore we apologize that from time to time our products may be sold out. 

Our stores are constantly replenished and you can inquire about our products directly from our shop: or +358 44 372 1813. 
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