The mini mill

Instructions for collecting and cleaning wool:

Our Mini mill is the only mill in Finland that is able to spin pure alpaca and other special fibres. Therefore, we are happy to offer our expertise also to other producers of alpaca or other special fibres. You can be sure that we always spin the yarn using the wool you have sent us.

Book the time for spinning and contact us to set the time for sending the wool ( Please fill and attach the order forms to your delivery.

1. Shearing

We recommend using a professional shearer, which minimises the so-called double cut. A professional shearer also does the work fast, efficiently, and without causing any stress to the animal. We use shearing services of JS' Alpacas. 

The best way to store the saddle wool is to roll it as a sheet on a piece of corrugated cardboard. This way we can make sure that the coarse primary fibres are not mixed with the secondary fibres before the spinning process starts.

It is advisable to separate the shorn wool into two or three parts already during the shearing as follows:

  • Saddle area
  • Neck and thighs
  • Leg wool

    2. Cleaning

    The best way to do general cleaning is by shaking the fleece. You can use, for example, a mink wire mesh (2 x 2 cm) as a sieve. 

    • Start shaking the fleece with the outer surface upwards to get rid of the possible double cut.
    • Pick up the coarse primary fibres of the edges. These fibres can be seen as the thicker and straighter bundles of fibre. It is very important that you remove all the primary fibres from the fleece!
    • Also remove all possible debris, especially corn or hay spikes. After this, you can shake the fleece again with the cut side upwards.

    After shaking, separate the fibres carefully, to get rid of any dust and sand as they fall through the mesh.

    (We charge according to the weight that comes in, so you should send as pure wool as possible.)

    3. Spinning price (+ VAT 24 %)

    • Yarn
      • 3 strands < 300 m / 100 g 80 € / kg
      • 3 strands = ≥ 300 m / 100 g 120 € / kg
      • 2 strands = ≥ 450 m / 100 g 120 € / kg
    • Felting plate 50 € / kg
    • Chunky (thick yarn) 50 € / kg
    • Fleece cleaning (by hand) 100 € / h
    • Also available 50 g skein + 10 € / kg

    4. Payment and terms of delivery

    Payment by incoming weight, minimum amount to be machined 2 kg / quality. We reserve the right to return the fleece if it is not suitable for spinning machines (due to poor shearing or foreign objects / substances).

    For over 30 kg shipments is billed as a down payment of 20%. Shipment of goods including shipping costs must be paid before shipping the finished goods.

    We store the finished goods without cost for 4 days, after which the price of storage is 10 € / kg / day. We store up to 3 months, after which the products are sold on behalf of the manufacturer.

    VAT is added to all prices. 24 %