From the Peruvian mountains to the middle of the most beautiful Finland!

The alpacas, originally from Peru, are rare, and their wool is a valuable and respected material.

Alpaca wool is an extremely ecological choice, as it is never produced by factory farming. Alpacas drink only a little, they are clean animals and use a communal dung pile, they graze on natural meadows and they don’t wear out the ground. Did you know that alpacas have paws? 

We don’t dye our alpaca wool, because there is no need for that! There are more than 20 basic colours, with several different shades ranging from white to bluish black, so we can find just the right colour for the user.

Our production aims at the most natural process and outcome, without superwash treatment (typical for merino wool). Our alpaca products are organic, undyed and produced in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and they have not been chemically treated.

The products in our collection are sewn together using pieces that are knitted into shape, so there is no material waste, as there is no need to cut any fabric. If need be, the finished garment can be unraveled, and the yarn can be used again.

We have taken responsibility into account throughout the product life cycle. As an example, contrary to general practice, we have retained the delivery charge on our products. In this way, we avoid unnecessary returns and reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

The fibre we use comes from our domestic partners and from carefully selected international breeders. Like our partners, we aim to be at the forefront of sustainable production.