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Our mini mill is the only mill in Finland specialized in alpaca fiber. We serve alpaca breeders both in Finland and abroad, processing their fiber to high quality 100% alpaca yarn or other products.

We also process other natural fibers, such as llama, silk, angora, dog and highland cattle. We are also ready to try other specialty fibers.

The process contains 15 different stages including washing, carding and spinning. Amongst others the machinery includes a fiber separator, which separates 

The mill is open for customer from Wednesday to Sunday 11amguard fiber from the secondary fibers resulting in as soft and prickle free yarn as possible.

The smallest amount of fiber that we are able to process is as low as 2 kg. Our customers can always be sure that they will get endproducts made out of their own fiber and per certain individual alpaca  if so desired. - 4 pm.

Contact us to set the time for sending your fiber. Processed products will be sent back to you within two to four weeks depending on the amount of fiber sent.