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The website was launched to encourage Finns to change their consumption habits and to make responsible purchasing decisions. The expert panel approved the full range of Mathildedal's Ruukki spinning mill's alpaca product collection on the site. is a project implemented by the marketing agency Infine, which was published on Monday, November 23, 2020. Part of the project is curating products and offering responsibly produced products to consumers. For each product or service, the responsibility panel weighs whether it enables a more sustainable life and whether it is a more sustainable choice compared to controls for the same product category or need.

The alpaca products at Ruukki's spinning mill were found to be organic, uncoloured and not treated with chemicals. Most of the products are designed and manufactured in Finland as our own production by domestic partners. Some of the knitwear is manufactured in Lithuania because, for technical reasons, it cannot be manufactured in Finland. The aim of the design is to ensure that the clothes have the longest possible life cycle. They are designed to be timeless, versatile and stylish, and to last a long time.

The yarn used for the products is spun itself and the wool comes from its own alpacas, some are bought from Finnish breeders and the rest from Peru. The growers of the alpaca fiber that will be the foundation are indigenous and the sale of the fiber will enable them to make a better living. The fibers are not dyed but natural alpaca colors are used, which are found in more than 20 countries around the world.

The sweaters are knitted into a shape so that there is no waste. If necessary, the already knitted garment can be unwound into yarn and reused. A repair service is also available for the products and used alpaca knits are accepted as recyclable material. The products are packed in packaging made of recycled paper without plastic.

The alpaca products of Ruukki's spinning mill are a more durable choice because they are made to last time and use. In addition, special attention has been paid to losses.

For almost a decade, Ruukki's spinning mill has been spinning yarn (the only one in Finland) and manufacturing products from alpaca fiber. Expertise in alpaca growing and yarn spinning can be seen in e.g. in the fiber quality requirements of the products sold and as a constant consideration of ethical and ecological issues. Transparency throughout the production chain is not only top quality but also Ruukki's most important priority.

The owner of Ruukki's spinning mill sorts alpaca wool

Responsibility is becoming an increasingly important part of people's values. We are happy to offer luxury products to our customers without compromising on responsibility. ”

Sini Honkala, Ruukki's spinning mill




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