Meet our alpacas - Naomi


Naomi mother and baby alpaca
  • Naomi was born in Chile in 2001. When Sin took Naomi to Finland, she was 3 years old. Naomi is indeed one of Sin's first alpacas.
  • The alpaca is a herd animal and cannot survive alone. The minimum herd size is three alpacas.
  • Naomi is completely black in color and has given birth to a dozen high-quality foals in Finland when she was in Finland; different shades of grey, brown and black.
  • Today, Naomi is 19 years old, which is a respectable age for an alpaca. The average age of alpacas is about 15−20 years.
  • Naomi is the matriarch of the pack who doesn't rush or get nervous about anything. He also teaches the same skill to the horses and that is why our alpacas have a relaxed and curious attitude to what is happening around them.

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