Discover our alpacas - Mud Cake

Incredible Mud Cake

Mudcake and other alpacas in Ruukki's kheräämö field in winter
  • Mud Cake was born on 15 July 2019 and is the child of Naomi and Centaurus .
  • As the only non-white alpaca in the sibling flock, it aroused the admiration of Mathildedal's visitors.
  • Mud Cake was harvested for the first time in the spring and its wool was absolutely top class. The quality rating is below the Imperial level.
  • Mud Cake is a curious and lively affair. It is often the first to explore new things.
  • Mud Cake is currently living in the good care of Janne Sulin in Keikyä, waiting for the big moment in spring, when it gets to meet its future groom, the completely black Tienda Molino Hurricane imported from Holland.
  • The waiting time is long for us breeders as well, because we can wait until the summer of 2022 for the offspring of this highly anticipated combination.

    Mud Cake at the age of 5 minutes on his birthday on July 15, 2019. Hammers tend to stand up at the age of 10-15 minutes.
      Mud Cake last winter. Due to their warm wool blanket, alpacas do well in Finnish conditions.

        Mud Cake's wool was used to make yarn, which left our shop at the same time to the delight of knitters.
        We also made scarves from the yarn. That's how beautiful and colorful they turned out.

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