Meet our alpacas - Ambersun Centaurus

Centaurus of Ambersun

Centaurus alpaca in the field of Ruukki spinning mill
  • Centaurus was born on April 12, 2007 in Australia. From there it came via Sweden to Finland and to our growing alpaca herd four years ago.
  • Centaurus' father is one of the world's most famous alpacas, Jolimont Warrior , who has been successful in show and breeding work.
  • Centaurus himself has also been successful at shows in Australia, Sweden and now here in Finland.
  • Centaurus has more than 200 offspring, of which it can be very proud.
  • By nature, Centaurus is a self-respecting, calm gentleman who is respected by the other pack members.
  • Centaurus lives in Keikyä, where most of our alpacas graze.
  • In the iron village of Mathildedal, you can see the descendants of Centaurus. If you want to really get to know the alpacas, you should bring milkweed stalks as a treat. 😉

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